About Us

WizEvo (Shenzhen) is a sincere and innovative technology company, is located in Qianhai Shenzhen.Hongkong youth innovation and entrepreneur hub, WizEvo hopes to achieve in the smart hardware / intelligent home machine field . Our staffs came from Enterprises and research institutes such as Dji, Mindray, Lenovo, etc. and have years of research and development / product experience, well-known with UAV, robots, smart appliances and other industries.
We strive to find the product pain point in life, has a near paranoid pursuit for the user experience. Product research and development is committed to improving people's quality of life, so that the benefits of progressing of science and technology can be truely transformed into daily life. We love technology and love life more. Tossing, diligence, innovation, evolution, as a value-driven enterprise, we welcome people who has ultimate pursuit of the product, and who are crazy about the future with ideals to join us.