Small as a Mobile

SYLPH is at the size of the handle of traditional hair dryer, and is extremely portable as it weights 180g only, equivalent to an IPhone. With SYLPH, you can style your hair anytime and anywhere.

Dry Your Hair in Less Time

It costs SYLPH Team 2 years to achieve the balance between the tiny size and powerful wind. Driven by the V8 motor, the airflow speed could reach 20m/s and would absolutely save your time – a song comes to end and you will finish drying.

Precise Heat Control with 50times/second Temperature Measurement

Traditional hair dryer would damage your hair as it produces extreme heat after using for a while. To avoid the heat damage, SYLPH applies a high frequency measuring sensor, which monitors the scalp and outlet temperature 50times/second. The insert CPU would response instantly to ensure the airflow under a constant temperature and protect your hair frim heat damage.

Various Temperature Modes for Different Styling Needs

Five temperature modes - cooling, warming, styling, quick-dry and intelligent –fits your various styling needs like work, date, party, etc.

Smooth Your Hair with High-Density Ionic Generator

The high-density ionic generator helps static neutralization – to make your hair smooth and fluffy.

CVT Airflow Control for Flexible Styling Experience

The wind may be either too strong or too weak while using traditional hair dryer. But with SYLPH CVT airflow controller, things are totally different – just slide the bar to adjust the speed and volume as you wish.

Durable and Stable

SYLPH applies aviation material and high strength fabric glass, theoretically extending the product service life to 10 years.

Dolphin-Like Curvy Design for Better Holding

SYLPH outlook and gravity allocation has been optimized time by times, and finally we got inspiration from dolphin – a perfect combination of easy holding and fancy looking.

Unique Self-Clean Function

Press power button and mode button at the same time, and hold for few seconds, the self-clean mode would be motivated - dust and hair would be released in minutes.

Brand Story

What impress you the most while watching a ballet performance?

The rhythmic and graceful dance? The classic and charming music? The mysterious but magic-like atmosphere?

Sure, those are attractive for audience waiting in the dark theater and eager to embrace the light of art and beauty, or people who getting rid of tedious work and willing to find their own place for relaxing.

But for Simon, the founder of SYLPH, also husband of a ballet dancer, the most impressive moment is when saw his wife returned to the backstage, following the applause, praise or tear, also wearing the dry and no-more-shining hair.

For different performances, the young lady has to change her hairstyle frequently. Turn on the hair dryer, raise the heat and airflow - that’s what her stylist used to do, and that’s how hair damage happened. The damage was so bad that even the best hair conditioner could not fix it. Then, it occurs to Simon: maybe we could create a better hair dryer - that’s how SYLPH produced.

Lighter size under the weight of three eggs, smart heat control with 50 times/second temperature measurement, bladeless design eliminating the risk of hair twisting, button-free airflow setting for flexible styling needs, unique ionic generator allowing your hair static-free - SYLPH is smaller but 100% stronger than ever.

Now, it is your turn to bring something better to your loving ones.