• Strong wind

  • Unique noise reduction

  • Easy to carry

  • Intelligent temperature control

Small as a mobile phone

SYLPH is a hairdryer can be put into your Channel bag and do hair style anywhere and anytime. 

Quick drying, Super power

SYLPH is designed as a light hair dryer, but with super powerful air flow up to 19m/s. Compared to the traditional hair dryer, SYLPH only take 5-8 minutes to blow-dry your hair while traditional one needs 10-20mins. (The effect depends on the environment and hair condition.) 

50 times per second of temperature monitor
More accurate for hair protection

With its intelligent heat control technology, hair temperature is measured precisely 50 times per second to keep it under control.  Your beautiful hair will be taken care very well by SYLPH with moderate and constant temperature. SYLPH is suitable for any environment, whatever you stay in the equator or the Arctic, in the summer or winter.

Anywhere and anytime,
feel as you need.

At each time you use, SYLPH takes care of your hair with moderate and constant temperature, and is suitable for any user environment, whatever you stay in the equator or the Arctic, in the summer or winter. The smart mode of SYLPH can adjust temperature and make your hair more smooth and beautiful naturally.

Change the wind as per your need

Ordinary hair dryers only have fewer modes to adjust the wind, but we believe that SYLPH will make styling easier than ever. Infinitely variable air speed delivers wind at your pleasure, now you can do hairstyling preciously and changefully.

Light-Only 150g
in your hand

With its unique design, SYLPH can be easily hold in your hands. It weights 350g totally, but only 150g in hands, so as to be used easily for a long time. You will feel comfortable to carry Sylph without getting exhausted.

Smooth Extremely

SYLPH is your portable professional hairstylist. Thanks to its high-voltage ionic technology which uniquely implemented for neutralizing static of hair, SYLPH makes your hair smooth, shiny and fluffy all along.

Use without bothering

without motor noises--with acceptable motor noise

Take care of your hair

SYLPH has unique smart wind mode to control temperature automatically, which helps prevent frizz and extreme heat damage to protect hair’s natural shine.

Accompany with you

SYLPH adopts industrial design and apply with long-life brushless DC electric motor. The life spam lasts theoretically more than 10 years if proper use. As a qualified hair dryer, SYLPH can accompany with you from school-days to after-graduation, make you beautiful in all occasion.

Brand story

Hello everyone, I am Simon, the introducer of SYLPH, the intelligent hair dryer.

ballet dancer, she needs to change her hair style correspondently for different performances in one day. There is always not enough time for her to remodify hairstyle properly from performance to performance. To do a quick hair style, many stylists use traditional hair dryers, which has strong wind power and extremely high heat. Their hairs may have risk to be damaged with overheated air flow. Even worse, there is no hair dryers for the performers. For protect and repair her beautiful hair, she has to try all the best hair conditioners, but it doesn’t work. Her hair is too harmed to make her sigh when she brushes it. At that moment, I am determined to try my best to change this situation.

As I use to work in UAV field, I tried to apply robotic technologies in hair dryer designing. To develop a better hair dryer which enables women to manage their hair beauty without hassle, my team and I have spent over two years on research and development, even more than 3000 hours of experiments. We have created the third-generation high-density wind turbine and re-designed 94.2% of the components in SYLPH. We have improved some new tech such as aerodynamics, MSC power electronics and the drives. We use high frequency sensors to feel the temperature of the hair.  SYLPH is a new-born generation of hair dryers. She is light and small, but smart and powerful. We believe that SYLPH will be a better helper in managing your hair styling, and we truly appreciate your support to us, with your help we could continuously develop much better products to change our daily life, making styling easier than ever.